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Diamant Drinking Glasses and Carafe

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Dobbelt Espresso Cups 2 oz / 60 ml

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Dobbelt Coffee Cups 6 oz / 180 ml

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what our customers say

Dobbelt Espresso Cups

I recently ordered two espresso cups and they are perfect.  The design and construction are exceptional and I am looking forward to using them.  I am sure our friends will be curious and I will point them to your site in the future.


Matthew Becker

Dobbelt Coffee Cups

I want to let you know I was impressed with the design, look and feel of the coffee cups.  The first thing I did was made a cup of tea. They were nice to drink from.


William Nelsen

Diamant Glassware Set

These are so lightweight and elegant, they make my other glasses seem clunky. They hold a surprising amount of drink, and when you look at them from the top (or if stored upside-down), they really do look like diamonds!


Melissa James